We love beer events and want to help you create your next awesome gathering! Perhaps you have an event planned or looking for inspirations? With experience in beer exhibitions, beer festivals, corporate events, beer & food dinners and much more we got you covered in every aspect of a beer event. Below are a few examples of what we can help you with:

Corporate beer event

Looking for something fun and interesting to do with your colleagues? Thinking of the next staff event? We help you with everything from selecting and buying the beers, properly serve the beer to of course talking about the beer! We can make it as casual or as serious as you want it! Some examples of events: Lightest to darkest, the crazy ones (sours, barrel aged, funky), Belgian Trappist ales and beer and dessert, the list is endless! Contact us for a full list of ideas. 

Beer exhibitions/fairs/festivals

Need a speaker on beer history, beer service, styles or ingredients? Need advice on how to make the most of a beer festival?

Contact us and we will be happy to help out! 

Beer & Food pairing dinner

There are several kinds of food where beer works better than wine (GHASP!) and we can help you create and execute a fantastic beer & food pairing dinner for your guests. We will work together with your chef to come up with beer styles and brands that will work fantastic with the food.