We offer beer service related consulting services:

Opening/redesign of beer focused bar or restaurant

Opening a bar or restaurant focusing on beer is not easy and we would love to help you with your planning. With a sound background in bar/restaurant operations and service we understand what an outlet need to successfully sell great beer. This can be everything from seats-to-taps ratio, style offerings, pricing to beer operations and draft system building. Contact us and we'll grab a beer and talk about your needs and plans before you end up with a beer offering that does not work!

craft beer menu

Menu design

Still have only 3 different lagers on the menu? We hope you want to put as much effort and time into your beer menu as you would with your food and wine menu. Customers today wants interesting and varied beer and we can help you find what could suit your establishment. With close contact with breweries and importers in Hong Kong we know what is available, new, exciting and fast selling. We keep integrity, honesty and openness in everything we do for clients. 

Not sure where to start in the ocean of beer offered in Hong Kong? We will sit down and chat what beer is available in Hong Kong, what styles you could have on your beverage menu, how your food menu and beer menu can harmonize. We can also help you design your menu with all beer information you need to serve your guests better. 

Does your draft menu offerings needs help with new styles and seasonal offerings? We can help you in the right direction. On a regular basis we can help you to curate the best selling and most enticing beer list.